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Friday, December 20, 2013

FanSlave is the place to advertise your Social Network page successfully!
FanSlave is a ground-breaking new service, which was designed to revolutionize the marketing of your Social Network pages. With our easy connection system you can increase the growth of your social network and therefore increase the people following your brand, your company or product.

You can use the service free of charge by joining the exchange or get professsional marketing activities at very reasonable prices.

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facebook fansHere you will find information on how to get Facebook marketing at very reasonable prices,  and therefore many new fans for your fan page.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Should I have to click on my own ads?
It is strictly prohibited to click on ads by yourself; you should not request someone to click on ads at your website, if you do so your account will be suspended. Your click will come naturally from visitors.
I see very poor earnings, why?
Possible reasons:
01. We have fewer ads currently. (This in increasing daily)
02. You have very few visitors. (Do some SEO and social media)
03. You placed different company so many ads including pop-up
I have a site, will you approve it?
We try to approve most of the sites. It can be your domain. It can be a sub-domain like blogspot, webly, wordpress, webnode or your own sub domain. We discourage .tk .t35.com because they are deleted very soon. Site has annoying content like so many pop-up, download-offer is discouraged to submit. It should not be full-adult, illegal site also.
Money paid on what basis?
We pay both ways. Actually it depends on our advertisers. If advertisers pay us on impression basis we also pay this way, if they pay us per click basis, we also pay you per click basis, this is also a dynamic process, you can't say I will show per click ads or impression based ads. Our system change ads automatically.
Frequently Asked Question
How much money I will get?
Our Ad pricing is dynamic. We pay up to 70% from our advertiser’s payment. Also we offer 10% life time commission for referral.



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