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Monday, March 9, 2015

facebook like money


FanSlave tutorial - Earn money with Social Networks

FanSlave is a web that pays us for clicking Facebook Likes, clicking Google +1, follow Twitter accounts, watch Youtube videos and click ads. Now I'm going to teach you how to earn money with FanSlave, step by step. The minimum payout is 15€ and if you do it properly, you'll get it quickly. Furthermore, with FanSlave you earn 15% of your referral level 1, and other 15% of referral level 2.

Well, first of all, you must Join. Click on the next link to go to FanSlave.


Now you're registered, you'll see your account has been credited with 0.25€, just for having registered.

First, what you have to do to earn money is to link your Facebook account, you can do it where it says "your account", and you'll see the classic button of "Connect with Facebook".

It's advisable to link your other accounts, as Google + and Twitter, following the same process as Facebook. Like this, you'll have the opportunity to watch more ads and earn more money.

How do I earn money?

To start viewing ads, go where it says "your account" and there you'll see the different social networks you can start making money.

Don't panic if you only see 4 or 5 ads, when you click "Like" it will appear more. However, FanSlave have a limited number of Facebook ads each 24h.

Once you have clicked all Likes, it will appear a message showing that you have reached the diary limit and a counter with a countdown will show when you'll be able to see more ads again.

Also don't panic if the quantity of credits you get per ad is low. At the beggining you'll get 3 credits aprox. per each ad (0,015€). This value will increase depending on your FanRank (read next section).

Once you have clicked all Likes, you must reload the web with the button "page reload", so you can view the credits and money in your account. The same process with other sections, Twitter, Google +...you won't have any problem.

The FanRank

In the right sidebar, you'll see a bar like this one:
The FanRank is a "fan activity measurer". When you register, the value is 1, but it can increase quickly depending on the next factors:

- Facebook account verification.
- Number of friends in your account
- Interactivity of the account (number of sponsored "Likes" you have already clicked)

The higher your FanRank is, more sponsors will be interested on you (and thus you'll see more available ads) and the reward for each "Like" will be higher (up to 14 credits, ergo, 0.07€).

If you add to this that FanSlave have 2 referral levels and you earn the 15% of what they earn. I think that is a good web to earn money.

¿Your credits are decreasing?

¡Look out! If your credits are decreasing, and you don't know why, is because you're are changing them by followers for your Twitter account. Go to "Your account";--> "Twitter description" and review that, on the right, where it says "add new twitter-site", that nothing is written in the text box which is next to http://twitter.com/#!/

If it's written your Twitter Username, delete it and click on "Save". So you'll stop spending credits. It's a common problem.

Trick to earn more with FanSlave:

If you have noticed, FanSlave is in different languages. If you click on the different languages flags above, it will appear more ads and so you'll be able to earn more money.

Check FanSlave every 3-4 hours, because ads will appear through the day in different languages.

Well, that's all, I hope this FanSlave guide will help you to earn much money. Join here, clicking the banner: